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Middle East Political Upheavals 2011

The updates below are current as at 24 July 2017

Political upheavals in the Middle East have taken yet another dramatic turn.  Some member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council of Arabic nations on the Arabian side of the "Persian Gulf" have placed an embargo on traffic, people movements and goods coming and going out of Qatar.  The latter is a minor peninsula that juts into the Gulf toward Iran with whom the Qataris share a massive field of undersea gas which they transform into Liquid gas for export.  With Oman and Kuwait sitting in the sidelines in de facto neutrality and with Egypt also supporting and joining the blockade, the rest of the world is caught up in a spat between what is in effect a number of Arabic clans when far more important issues need attention.   Reportedly, even the Russians want to steer clear of involvement.  The UN has remained rather quiet.  Only The USA and some European countries (Germany, the UK and France) are trying to calm down the disagreement.

Our main interest here is that the Arab countries of the GCC may be the "Sheba and Dedan" referred to in Ezekiel's prophecy concerning the First Gog-Magog invasion of Israel which the Bible refers to.  The other invasion from the 'region' of  Gog and Magog is a much later event at the end of the Millennium described in the Book of Revelation.   "Tarshish" (we believe represented by Britain, the Americas and other European nations of the North Atlantic) along with "Sheba and Dedan" appear to oppose but not do anything to block the invasion.  Those nations are also greatly distracted by other more pressing internal problems to resolve.

Thus a vacuum of sorts is now emerging.  Into it one could foresee the nations North of Israel, East (Iran) and South i.e., "Cush" which is Inland Africa and "Put" or Africa along the Mediterranean moving in to take the "spoil" that evidently is to be found in Israel.   There is much speculation on the exact or precise identity of this "spoil". 

This week, after a gunfight that saw two Druze Policemen working for the Israeli Government shot dead, Israel had to place metal detectors to increase security at the enrances to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  This is on the "Temple Mount" that once housed Israel's temples in the Biblical era i.e., since circa 950 BC. In AD 70 the Romans destroyed the second of two temples erected on the same platfom that now houses Islam's third most holy site after Mecca and Medina.  So in theory the issue could mushroom given all the religious sensibilities.     Although everyone is distracted by many other world problems, international reaction to this development has been quite muted.  However, there are some who suggest it could blow up into a far more serious international issue.   If Jerusalem or more specifically the 'Holy Mount' is the "spoil" of Ezekiel's prophecy we now have an even more fitting set of circumstances to suggest people might want to watch this prophecy (Ezekiel 38:1 to 39:16) rather more avidly and closely than perhaps hitherto inclined.       

For much more discussion on this and many other world issues in relation to Biblical Prophecy one invites the reader to delve into the writings in the following Domain name/URL:

NB:  For the purpose of this blog, the "Middle East" is defined as stretching from Tunisia to Afghanistan and from Astana in Kazakhstan to the South Sudan.  One might even rope-in Congo Kinshasha into that vast volatile and vexatious group.

Before reading the essays below, a brief explanation of them.   Readres will find them listed across to the right hand side of this Blog-page.  These essays explain why we are re-writing the ancient histories of the vast region we define as 'The Middle East'.  We do this to explain why this region is in such trouble and how events might be actually fulfilling the remaining unfulfilled prophecies  pertaining to Man's History up to the Beginning of the Messianic Kingdom or Millennium refrred to in the Bible.

This blog has four of these 'background' essays for the reader to view.  They are dated "2008 (2), 2009 (1) and  2011 (1)":

(1)  In 2008, I published "Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian History".  That 'essay'  has been updated over the years and is regarded as current (April 2017) by the author until other evidence arises to necessitate edition;

(2)  Also in 2008, I published "Queen Hatshepsut is Queen Sheba".   That 'essay' has also been updated over the years and is regarded as current (April 2017) by the author until other evidence arises to necessitate edition;

(3)  In 2009, four years after completing the 4th edition of the book entitled Memphis, Merneptah and Ramesses And the Winged Disk of Judah an 'essay' summarising tne book is published here.  Written by Don Stewart after decades of research into the issues raised in the two essays of 2008, this book is freely available by accessing the URL:

In 2011, I began publishing an 'essay' via this blog under the heading "Middle East Political Upheavals 2011".  This is a running or continuing commentary on the chaos of the Middle East (as specially defined above) commencing from the so-called "Arab Spring" of 2011.   This is the 'Essay' which Google search engines generally open to unless one specifically searches for the other essays.  Because events are moving quickly, the comments under "Middle East Political Upheavals 2011" are far more frequently edited or updated.  Readers need to note the date at which the essay is updated.  However, for a detailed analysis of what is going on around the world, one needs to access the "Key Event" files also at

The Middle East Crises involving destructive wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and the regional civil wars raging in large countries like Congo Kinshasha,  are now well into their sixth year of operation.  As at 3 A[ril 2017, a comparitive quiet has descended on Syria as Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan attempt to broker peace in Syria.  There has been no success in the Syrian peace talks in Astana Kazakhstan and now a fifth Geneva Round has broken down.  Further afield, friction rages in Afghanistan, Nagorno Karabakh (Armenia-Azerbaijan), Ukraine (heating up again in late February 2017), South Sudan, Central African Republic and Nigeria (Boko Haram).  About 63 million refugees are swarming around these regions.  Many of them are flooding into Europe and any other place they can try to get to such as Australia.

One is now commenting on these and other events related to these disturbing times in "Key Events" which are located in the above URL.

Across the world, Shiite Muslims and other Islamic factions are being stirred up because they believe their Messiah the Mahdi is coming to bring order out of the coming or developing chaos.  "Mahdi" is a play on words for Mohammad and the ancient Egyptian term "Maat" (bringing 'order out of chaos').  However, their ideas about a Mahdi-Messiah essentially derive from Biblical prophecy about the return of Jesus of Nazareth.  He will soon establish the Kingdom of God rejected by Israel's leadership in AD 30.  Now that the Jews are returning to Israel, we are on the way to seeing fulfillment of God's Kingdom Plan offered to the AD 30 Generation of Israel.  Of course this Kingdom also benefits pre-Church Saints and this era's Church of Christ saints.  However, primarily the Kingdom still belongs to Israel when that nation eventually acknowledges the fmistake by its AD 30 generation whose leaders refused to accept Jesus of Nazareth as Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the World from its Sin.  This is a matter of Faith but, from this perspective, one day, Israel will invoke the prayers of Isaiah 53, Zechariah 12 and Hosea 6:1, and other passages, to usher in the return of The Christ.

"Key Events" examines current day issues from these perspectives as well as from others such as the implications emanating from Adam's fatal decision to consume (Hebrew 'acol, 'a all' or '@') from the Tree of Knowledge (Science and Technology).   "Key Events" also uses the results of revised chronology outlined in the three essays written in 2008 (2) and 2009 (1) as noted above.  The events in the countries listed above are almost certainly a pre-amble to the Ezekiel 38:1 to 39:16 prophecy about one of the two Gog-Magog invasions that threaten Israel according to Biblical Prophecy (Ezekiel then Revelation).

In January 2017, in Paris, seventy nations resolved to declare that Jerusalem should be an "International city".   The irony here is that in Biblical times the nations went to Jerusalem to witness each year the slaughter of seventy bulls for the sins of each nation.  In the Millennial Mesianic Kingdom in the probably-near future the nations will once again come to Jerusalem to observe the Festival of Tabernacles (revamped for the Messianic-Millennial Kingdom);  or else they will not get rain that year.

While the nations currently conspire to frustrate God's Plan for the nation of Israel, and befpre it repents of its decision regarding Jesus of Nazareth in AD 30, God is quietly lining many nations up for punishment.  Their Secular, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Confucian, Communist and Buddhist leaders are blissfully unaware of what the One True God plans to do!     On 18 January 2017, Hamas, Fatah and a jihadist organisation resolved in Moscow to re-unite perhaps encouraged by the seventy nations' resolution in Paris on 15 January 2017.  Muslims too are ranged against Israel.  But world developments at present suggest the other groups against Israel are allying to crush, reduce, sanitize and re-educate Islamicists.  Hindus, Bhuddists, Secularists, Roman Catholics etc, et al, have no 'love' for Islam.   As Confucian-Communist China and Eastern Orthodox / Secular- Russia continue to block resolutions in the UN Security Council aimed at censoring Syria's Assad for war crimes and chemical weapon usage, one has to ask if there is not some sort of hidden agenda in there (at the UN) aimed at sanitizing Islam!  Of course, since Westphalia in 1648 the world governance system has been sanitizing genuine Bible-based Christianity.

We await two trumps.

Firstly, President-elect Trump's suggestion that the US Embassy to Israel should be shifted to Jerusalem.  The so-called 'Palestinians' are very unhappy about this.  Perhaps those developments just referred to incite a decision as per "Gog's" plan in Ezekiel chapters 38-9.  The reconstructed history referred to led to a reconstructed map of the world in the days of Ezekiel's prophecy (600 BC).  That new map shows that the alliance of nations that invades Israel in the First Gog-ite invasion corresponds to those currently in turmoil from Morocco to Afghanistan and from the Caucasus to Congo Kinshasha (formerly "Zaire").

The other 'Trump' we await is found in I Corinthians 15:52 and I Thessalonians 4:16.  As part of one's "2017 Imminence Tour" this will be under investigation in talks with folk in London and Melbourne during a tour of those places in May 2017. 

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