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Harmonising Information with the Bible

Update 23 March 2020

Today, news about the wars and rumours of wars, seemingly plaguing the world, are falling off the 'front pages' of the media.  This is because the "COVID-19" virus has united all the world's governments.  This is in a joint fight against the tiny and invisible to the naked eye critter that makes everyone ill if given the opportunity.  Even the warring factions in Libya have reportedly agreed to a real ceasefire this time in order to join forces against COVID-19.  Well, that's one bit of good news.

However, this website is about the Good News that the Bible has for everyone.  Unfortunately, the academic establishment has successfully convinced most people that the Bible is just an archaic collection of stories traded around the world, at one time or other, several millennia before our time.  In one's humble opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.  We show in two essays composed in 2008 (look to the right of your page) that we have been able to successfully reconstruct ancient Egyptian History and re-harmonize it with the Bible's record of History, leaving the latter in place and untouched and uncontaminated.  In particular, in the other essay of that year, we virtually prove that Queen Hatshepsut of ancient Egypt and Ethiopia, ostensibly of the 15th Century BC, actually was the "Queen of Sheba" who visited King Solomon of Israel in the early- or mid- 10th Century BC.

Now, in the world of the so-called hard sciences of chemistry, physics and biology etc, many other discoveries are coming to the surface such as being now able to date the great catalysmic and world-wide flood that utterly changed the entire global environment in 2500 BC.  Thus, we can now explain from the Bible why the world is indeed warming up.  That's because it took only ten months for the waters to dry up by forming;  with the assistance of massive convection currents in the air ("winds") and in the oceans ('currents');  two giant stockpiles of ice at the poles ("ice-caps") and the third ice stockpile on the newly- or recently-formed mountains that did not exist before the Flood.

On another 'environmental' front, the ancient Jewish prophet Isaiah said that there would come a day when the Earth would lie polluted under its inhabitants.  The Bible does not necessarily directly link both global warming and massive pollution at the same time. However, with many other texts about a lot of other very difficult problems, there seems to be a very direct correlation that leads one to suspect global warming and pollution would coincide with many other problems  All of them will eventually overwhelm mankind but for God's intervention.  After all, God did "create" everything we see.  He created it for the purpose of habitation not desolation.  God will see to that, according to the Bible.  But only after the alloted time for mankind to mess the system up.  Man's mis-management is allowed to continue for a season in order to 'teach mankind a lesson', in the sense of helping us to understand and agree with God.  It is the lesson that the first man, Adam, on our behalf declined to accept or obey God's command with respect to the consumption of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.  Adam opted instead, and we are all imputed with that decision, to run things for himself - his way, or a bit like the late Mr Frank Sinatra ("My Way").

The Good News is that another Adam, named "The Last Adam" by the Apostle Paul of the early church of Jesus of Nazareth will one day come back.  After that generation of Israelite leaders led the populace to reject Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew), God's Only Begotten Son ascended to Heaven in AD 30 after 37 years dwelling among us (Emmanuel).  But He will return to restore 'dominion' of this Earth's system back to Man.  Specifically, only that section of mankind (men, women and children) that either before His Incarnation (from circa 4000 BC to AD 30) believed in the "Promised Deliverer" of Genesis 3:15, or after the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth accepted Him as God-Man and as the Saviour of the World as well as 'Promised Deliverer'.  This 'salvation' is not only from our sin but from the consequence thereof too.   The First Adam ceded Dominion of this Earth to the devil's control but it will be won-back through the God-Man Jesus of Nazareth - "The Nazarebe". 
Much more can be found on these matters from a Biblical perspective in  the files of "Key Events" .   One can do that by searching Key Events under the following URL" .....

.....  and one can trace our development of many other issues pertaining to harmonising science, history and archaeology with God's Bible.  To conclude for now this discussion on COVID-19, we see this as an inevitable combination of accumulating and aggregating issues.  They range from wars and crime to mis-management of an environment over-burdened with too many people wanting too much from it.  In the words of one observer, the environment is "fighting back" in the face of Man's rapacious treatment of it.  However, God foresaw all this a very long time ago from even before the creation of the Universe.  But He let firstly angels before mankind, then secondly Adam on our behalf, decide whether to acccept God's Wisdom and Love or not.  Many angels and Adam chose not to.    So that's where things have come to.

The Key Events series goes back to 2013.   One has been composing "Key Events" almost on a daily basis for seven years now.  The following essay explains why no one around the world is looking at world issues from God's perspective in the Bible.  For reasons explained in the essay below, most people reject the Bible now as fairy tales.  However, only God could foreknow what would happen to us as a result or consequence of all our errors, evil, envy, rivalry and jealousy (the Bible calls that 'error' "sin"). 

Until the arrival out of China's food markets where bats, bacteria and cats mingled with food sold for human consumption, the world had been in the grip of a global warming or climate change frenzy based on pseudo-science in sharp contradistinction to the science, experience and history we have with plagues like COVID-19.  On yet another front, algorithms are taking over the Internet and many computer systems in part to stem the effects of another type of 'virus' that can destroy elaborate computer systems.  The pool of talent needed to manage all these issues is rapidly shrinking.  Whether algorithms are benign or malignant viruses, it is often too late to rein-in or control complex mathematical equations effectively running either computers or robots, in particular, by the time we find out they begin to run unintended consequences.  Who or what can explain how we got into this nonsense?  Who or what can explain how we get out of it?

To answer these questions, there is only one source of information now that retains any credibility.  That 'source' is the much maligned 'Bible'.  Much of the Bible was composed so that every generation could understand the overall plan God has for this chaotic world.  However, it is equally clear, certain passages were not to be understood until the world entered a specific era or period in History (or His Story).  That is variously labelled in the Bible itself as 'The Last  (or Latter) Days', 'The End of the Age' or as Israel's Prophet Daniel was advised, "The days when travel and knowledge would greatly increase" (Daniel 12:4, 9).  Whether we are now in such a period, era, 'age' or epoch remains to be seen.

The Bible quotes Jesus of Nazareth talking about "The Days of Noah".  He used that term in reference to a special day He wanted His followers to always be ready for.  Commonly named "The Rapture", it is a day when the believers both living and the dead in their graves receive their glorified (resurrected) bodies.  All resurrected believers are assembled in Heaven for a short period while all hell breaks loose here on Earth.  Those will be the days of the Apocalypse culminating with Antichrist's campaign of Armageddon where he tries to destroy Israel.  Our current troubles are the long-run consequence of Man's pursuit of the Tree of Knowledge that God commanded Adam to leave alone.  We now know by deciphering the Hebrew text in Genesis that it was a touch-tronic computer  Adam and Eve played around with indicating we have now come almost full circle back to that fateful day in Eden as we all run into smart-phone users walking the streets oblivious to anything going on around them.

The "Days of Noah" refer to something that will take place a long time after that Great and terrible world-wide flood.  Few realise the world before the Flood was someting like a single land-mass probably sloping towards the Ocean.  There were no no mountains.  The land-mass shared the globe with a single ocean unless it formed some sort of ring bounded by a northern and southern ocean.  If there was a single land-mass, the more likely option, its rivers and subsidiary streams from its centre flowed to the ocean.  During the Flood the crust was rent apart to produce the mountains and continents we now see.  The massive Atlantic trench split the Americas from Europe and Africa.  Before that great split, Brazil and Argentina were tucked in under Nigeria and alongside the West African nations (Cameroun and Angola, Namibia and South Africa).  The excess water that emerged from beneath the land-mass was dried up by unique never-before seen winds.  They were the result of a massively restructured land-mass and oceans.  The catastrophe thus led to chaotic convection currents in both air and sea.  A  mix of heated volcanic air combining with water-vapour cooled in the upper atmosphere to form also never-before seen 'snow'.  Over a ten-month period, according to Genesis, this new environment evenutally dumped snow and ice on the two polar regions and on the many mountain ranges that emerged from all the uplfting and associated chaos.  In effect, the snow-capped mountain ranges and associated glaciers formed a third ice-cap.  Now all three 'ice-caps' are melting under the globe's ambient temperature of about fifteen degrees.

Thus, from that initial catastrophe, the Earth has been going thorugh various degrees of volatility.  The slowly melting ice caps, with the Earth's ambient temperature at about 15 degrees, are leading to warmer temperatures.  This is just like an ice cube melting in a glass of water while you eat your meal.  The physics are exactly the same.  But the ice in your glass of water completely melts leaving your water warm (room temperature) in minutes. 

Our three 'ice-caps' will take a few thousand years longer to completely melt.  However, as they shrink more and more, the rate of melting accelerates, in the same way it does in your glass of water though you may not notice that.  Defrost a big freezer and you will observe this unique process as the ice begins to melt at an exponential rate.  You should be able to prise away the weakening chunks of ice and deposit them into a sink instead of mopping up lots of water if you are observant.    Now, we seem to be going through some sort of climate threashold.  The balance between the ice volume and other factors has taken a sudden lurch away, or departure from an existing 'norm', so that we have come out of a comparitive calm of the last few centuries.  We know there are many factors that did that sort of thing in the past.  People talk about mini ice-ages of a few centuries ago based on some European climate data.  But that information is very patchy and barely scientific.  We may be going through a particularly dangerous re-balancing right now.   Possibly one of the other 'factors' contributing to the severity of this re-balancing has been the loss of many forests because people cut them down for various reasons.  But failure to cut down trees in Victoria and New South Wales near houses and towns might have contributed to the massive costs from Australia's forest fires in late 2019 and early 2020.

We can identify various reasons for, or factors contributing to this apparent 'climate-change' but it has nothing to do with the carbon dioxide in the air because the volume is so small at a miserly 400 or so parts per million.  Clearly, the Earth's Oxygen, Nitrogen, water vapour and other non-gas factors are upsetting typical climate patterns.  All this could be close to the norm, whatever that is, but we have insufficient data to help us do anything other  than guess what is actually or really happening.  So now we are getting heavier rain storms and more earthquakes and volcanos as the result of an atmosphere severely degraded after the Flood.  The globe appears to be absorbing too much energy form the sun.

Mid July 2019, Auckland University's Dendrochronology team effectively presented us with stunning evidence, but not proof, supporting our chronology of the Flood, based on the Bible's own chronology.  Their evidence can be said to suggest the Flood occurred near the year 2488 BC.  'AUD', after many years of amazing work, has gathered a sequence, by analysing many wood-samples collected over the years of Kauri tree rings.  They now have a run of tree-ring patterns going as far back as "2488 BC" or just over 4.5 thousand years' worth of samples.  They may yet be able to extend that sequence many more centuries or even millennia further back in time.  We suggest, however, under our 'Flood Hypothesis', they will not or cannot find any older samples because the very first rings are of seeds that were blown in or floated to the newly-emerged islands of this part of the South Pacific (NZ-Aoteoroa).  This work by AUD is the art or science of "dendro-chronology".  Theoretically, the kauri wood (lumber, timber) can be used to date various archaeological or anthropological strata elsewhere in the region or perhaps when a sailing ship was constructed because many times Kauri was used for that particular purpose.      From the Bible's own internal chronology, one can date the Flood between 2450 and 2500 BC.  There are technical reasons for not being any more specific than that.  In our model of the world's geology, we believe New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica only emerged from the ocean floor during the flood. 

Antarctica, over about ten months, was rapidly buried in 3000 meters of snow.  But not before massive volumes of flotsam of flesh and vegetation from the original land-mass gathered on its newly emerged shores and mountains as the snow fell at the same time.  Thus we have down there a sort of Antarctic Pudding recording a portfolio of life forms from the original land-mass.  New Zealand's Alps, likewise forming at the same time, collected huge volumes of snow as well.  In fact, most of New Zealand was probably covered in snow for a short period (like the British Isles).  NZ's glaciers are testimony to its recent existence (above the water-line) in the post-Flood environment as the globe gradually reached a new environmental equilbrium and began re-warming.  In the far north of New Zealand, where most Kauri today is found, seeds from Kauri floating ashore in the post-flood flotsam soon put down roots and a little later began producing tree rings indicating each year what the climate was like.  It seems that began around the year 2488 BC, according to University of Auckland, just twelve years after New Zealand's soils were first exposed to sunlight, air, carbon dioxide and of course, 78 parts per hundred of Nitrogen the main gas we all breath.  The world atmosphere is  spiced with a bit of Oxygen (16-17 parts per hundred) and other assorted gases, water vapour etc.  Like a pinch of salt in a thousand gallon vat of stew, there is a little bit of carbon dioxide which like some sort of miracle seems to feed nost of our plants and trees with the necesary carbon they need.  We believe they are not getting enough carbon dioxide being starved of perhaps 80% of the actual volume they need.

The predecessors or ancestors of NZ Kauri had been growing on some part of the original continental land-mass.  Some cousins to NZ Kauri probably still do exist elsewhere.  However, the 'naturalists' either have not found them or are secretly hiding that information from us as is the Academy's normal practice when it uncovers things it's paradigms do not like.  Any search for kauri elsewhere may be difficult because New Zealand's trees may have altered genetically to suit the different soils on these shaky isles, perhaps lacking in nutrients in the soils of their parents' habitat.  Thus, they appear these days to be native to New Zealand but the evidence also confirms for us the reality and accuracy of the Bible's chronology.  This sort of evidence would only be possible in the Last Days that Israel's prophets and Jesus would refer to, "The Days of Noah" in Jesus' words.  

Yeshua b'Nazareth, a.k.a., "Jesus of Nazareth", added His clues as to when that crucial stage of Man's chaotic reign on Earth would be curtailed.  Although He labelled them as "The Days of Noah" he also spoke of the "Days of Lot".  He also explained it would be a period when every nation would seem to be at war within itself, c.f., DRC (Congo), The Sudan, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Spain-Catalonia, Mali, The South Sudan, and even the USA (an unraveling Constitution) and the UK (Brexit). There is strife on a similar basis within institutions like the Roman Catholic Church, The Arab League, The Gulf Cooperation Council and the EU.  That is the sort of world-wide situation that means, implicitly from the prophecies in Daniel, the world will have arrived in this designated 'Latter Time'.  There are no other historical precedents apart from some regional parallels such as "intermediate periods" between dynasties in Egypt and China or as in Western Europe between circa AD 500-1200.

There are also many international 'issues' that need urgent attention.  Plastics in the oceans, or micro-plastics in natural food chains, seem to be the latest pollution problems to have grabbed the headlines.  However, other pollutants, even some we are not yet aware of, are also fulfilling what another Biblical Prophet foresaw 2700 years ago in Isaiah 24:5, "The Earth is polluted under its inhabitants".  Isaiah wrote that in a context where he fore-saw a time wherein God would intervene in some special way.  We know Isaiah may just have witnessed a terrible earthquake in the days of Jewish King Uzziah and was thereby moved by God's Spirit to compose those words for our possibly-last 'generation' before the Messiah of Israel takes over after He defeats Antichrist-666.  Isaiah, however, probably had little idea how God's Holy Spirit would use that prophecy for Latter Day believers.  We regard these spiritually induced and guided experiences are part of God's Plan (or "Will" or Testimony, Romans 12:2) to declare His Glory, Wisdom and foreknowledge.  In turn, God spiritually moves today's believers to understand what is happening vis-a-vis events in our time in their Biblical context of prophecy.

However, one thing these prophets all seemed to be aware of was that as the Days of "Noah" or of "Lot" imply, very few people will be taking any notice of these Biblical texts in those putative 'End-Times'.  Which is why one feels it necessary to make the point now.  In our survey of churches world-wide they do not really believe the Bible and they certainly ignore its prophecies which is one of the main rerasons why we think these crises are Last Days affairs.  Oddly enough, this point is shared to some extent, and in some nuances, by many Shiite Islamic sects in their religious civil war with the Salafist (Caliphatic) sects.  The Gospel of Mark records that synagogues were discussing the washing of pots and pans (Mark 7:3-5, 9, 13) instead of studying prophecies to see if Jesus of Nazareth was indeed their Messiah.  So the modern christendomite churches seem to be making a similar or "parallel" though obviosuly not identical mistake.  In failing to properly teacgh about the true Christ they are opening up their adherents to being deceived by the imminent Antichrist which was nmore or less the mistake of Israel in AD 30.  However, they accepted Caesar Tiberius instead and give that name to their largest lake.   

So why does the Bible now get such a bad rap even in churches?  In short, for a parallel reason the Tanaakh (or "Old Testament" in churches) was sidelined by the rabbis controlling the synagogues in Israel between 27-30 AD (or CE).  On the other hand, the Bible has long been regarded an important document in world literature.  The world's greatest thinkers such as Sir Isaac Newton believed that one could harmonize the Bible with the data we collect from Scientific Investigation, History (or His Story), Archaeological Excavation and other investigative endeavors.     

Overall, no one has succeeded in harmonising the world's existing body of knowledge with the Bible in any generation.  However, today there are three primary reasons for continuing failure in this task.

Firstly, one needs to be able to study the Bible in its original language, i.e., Hebrew.  Readers misinterpret text because they did or do not base their thinking on the original Hebrew text, relying on translations instead.  This is true for the New and Old Testaments.  The New Testament has been handed down to us only in Greek manuscripts.  Nevertheless, the authors were thinking in Hebrew when they translated into Greek which was the international language of the time.  Also, there is little doubt from the literary techniques used in those manuscripts in our possession that Hebrew is the language in the background.  Furthermore, it is now almost certain they were translated into Greek from a Hebrew draft or scroll.     In order to establish what original Hebrew drafts contained requires additional rather more sophisticated analysis.  That is not impossible.  There is a paper in the files in the URL below where we identify Simon the Pharisee with Simon the Leper and Lazarus (Hebrew, La'Tzaraa or the one who became a leper).  Those apparently three different men in the Gospels were the same person.  Sometimes, words supposedly being part of the Greek Lexicon are simply Hebrew words transliterated into Greek letters such as Erevon or Arrabown which the Apostle Paul uses for 'pledge' in two of his letters to the Ephesians and Corinthians (Ephesians 1:14, II Corinthians 1:22 amd 5:5).  Unbeknown to theologians, unless one who does is hiding somewhere, Apostle Paul simply transliterated the Hebrew word for "pledge" in the first few verses of Genesis 38 into their corresponding Greek letters and made that a word in Greek.  It is not Greek but because Paul put  that new word into his letters, the scholars gave him due respect and added Erevon into the Greek lexicon.  It may look like something out of Monty Python but this really did happen.  Do a literary analysis of Paul's words in his letters about the Holy Spirit alongside the way Jacob and Tamar held a discussion about bonds or sureties to be given while awaiting payment and the reader wil learn exactly why believers since the Cross receive God's Holy Spirit.  Unbelievers do not.  Therefore they cannot believe until they do.  They can find out in other texts what to do to be a believer and then understand the points made here.

Secondly, there is a major problem with chronology in two situations.  Evolutionary Theory requires the existence of mankind, plants and animals on this Earth for millions or billions of years.  Certainly, the Bible acknowledges a universe and Earth or a 'Mineral' Universe aged anything up to 40 billion years.  The Bible clearly states the angels watched God create the Universe.  It also notes the Universe later fell into decay after many, but not all, of the angels followed Satan into disobedience perhaps 4.5 billion years ago.  The very first man (Adam); that God formed from the dust, the detritus of decayed minerals and rock the result of judgment of Earth following Satan's fall;  lived for nearly a millennium.  Adam's sons and grandchildren also lived long lives.  Only more recently did men age more quickly as the result of compounding genetic decay.   Only the animal-vegetable environment is about 6000 years old according to Biblical chronology.  By counting years as literal we now can estimate Man's presence on this earth at about 6000 years out of some 15-40 billion in the Universe's History. 

In human History, chronologists have set false dates for Egyptian pharaohs.  For example,  the Ramesside kings of Egypt supposedly were contemporary with Israel's Moses in circa 1500 to 1300 BC.  But the Ramessides actually ruled Egypt circa 700-550 BC.  The rest of Egyptian chronology which is used to establish dates in many other regions' historical chronologies is also in a mess.  Chronological errors ranging from 200 to 700 years over the era circa 2200 BC to 500 BC badly distort our understanding of world ancient-history.  Thus, the overall historical context within which the Bible's narrative is studied and analysed is also compromised or indeed falsified.  Obviously these two errors in dating or chronology cause disharmony between the Bible and observed data.

Thirdly, another factor that is only now becoming apparent, is that the Bible itself in several places clearly states that only in an era termed 'The Last (or Latter) Days' would certain material in the Bible be understood by anyone even if they were filled with the Holy Spirit.  Any attempt to understabd some Bible verses, no matter how blamelsss and spiritual a believer was at the time, would fail until the time appointed for them to be understood.  Even Daniel got that message.  Daniel 12:4, 9 are the best verses making this point.  There an angel instructs the Prophet Daniel, famous for surviving a night in a den of ferocious lions, to write down what he was told.  He had to write without understanding because the material would only make sense when "travel and education or knowledge" would become a world-wide phenomenon and either 'greatly' increase or just 'increase'. 

Thus Aristotle and Plato; their disciples and neophytes; then Augustine, Aquinas, Mohammad, Luther, Kepler and Newton were trying to do something they could not hope to achieve.  Instead, what happened was that society developed inappropriate or incorrect frameworks of knowledge or information.  With that handicap, they attempted to harmonize Science, History etc., and the Bible within these false frameworks and ran into all sorts of problems.  Newton's critics said he in effect proposed a God who is a perfect watch-maker but a lousy repair man.   Newton failed to incorporate the fall of the angels and the subsequent pollution of the universe when God had to judge it for angelic disobedience.  In Genesis, God tells how he repaired the damage to the Earth. 

In the essays on this blog (refer to the labels to the right-hand side of this page) and in the papers archived in the following URL we develop these points in the directories and files therein: 

Possibly, we Europeans (and Americans) are mostly at fault for landing this problem on the World.  After the fall of the Roman Empire circa AD 450, Europe turned to the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches for governance.  The Bible was the governing manifesto.  Other parts of the world:  in India;  China;  the non-European-Americas;  and some regions in Africa or elsewhere in Asia;  many societies were civilised and as normal as could be expected given technological and natural resources available to them.   Following Rome's demise, Europe slipped deeper into chaos.  The  Churches interpreted this as a holding period until Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah or Christ of Israel, returned to Earth to take control of world governance.  As the millennium between AD 30 and AD 1030 progressed, the prevailing 'European' view became the norm.  The rest of the world avidly watched Europe as being the inheritor of the fallen Roman System which it in turn anticipated would rise again according to Biblical Prophecy.  Scholars and observers grossly underestimate the extent to which ancient nations had an appreciation of the role of ancient Israel and her 'Scriptures' or "Oracles of God" as the Apostle Paul described them.

Much world history since the demise of Rome needs to be seen in that light.  International diplomacy today, in AD 2018, turns on this anticipation.

Europe's understanding of 'The Millennium'

Especially in the last 2-3 centuries of that millennium (AD 30-1030), the prevailing view was that the world was already in the Millennium mentioned in the The Book or Revelation.  It would be the last before Jesus of Nazareth would return from Heaven to take the reins of world government.  Therefore, the expectation grew by AD 1030 that Jesus would return on the 1000th anniversary of His Ascension to Heaven.  In England, from AD 1066, King William of Normandy even surveyed his newly acquired kingdom in order to produce a stock-take of his realm's assets for the returning Messiah he believed he served.

Jesus' no-show in AD 30 prompted Europe to return Jerusalem and Israel into Christendom's hands so its Roman Catholic popes launched several crusades to achieve that.  All in the false belief, based on very poor and unsystematic theology, that Revelation's Millennium of AD 30-1030 was effectively extended becuase Jesus' servants had left His capital city and the former state of Israel (circa 1445 BC - AD 70) in the hands of the Muslims.  In fact, the rise of Islam was a product of Christendom's theological and spiritual corruption that was rife by AD 700.  The theological chaos prompted an Arab named Mohammad to reconstruct 'Christianity' or Christendom or God's Kingdom as he thought it should be practised.  Mohammad used Greek philosophy, Post-temple Era Judaism as practised via the Talmud, Arab custom and the Bible to concoct a 'reformed' religion.  In some ways he pre-figured Martin Luther.  Like the renegade Roman Catholic priest, Mohammad only succeeded in presenting yet another, although much worse, variation of true Christianity.  Luther's virulent anti-semitism, extreme in its character even in the context of his own rather nasty era in that regard, compromised some otherwise constructive criticisms he had of Roman Catholicism - the church, congregation or synagogue with political and military power and status at the time. 

'The Crusades', circa AD 1000 to 1300, failed in their main objective.  There was no sign of Jesus by AD 1200 even after nearly a century with Jerusalem and many parts of ancient Israel in Crusader hands.  Thus, a new form of thinking surfaced in Europe.  This period is referred to as The Ranaissance or Re-birth or Re-thinking.  This led to new attempts at investigating what the Bible really was telling us.  This aspect became known as "The Reformation".  By and large, this had become a European task as other parts of the world were dominated by competing philosophies or religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, Paganism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Animism, Shintoism, latterly Islam and of course Secularism.  Many within the churches' educational and investigative institutions were Aristotelians of one sort or another or followers of Plato.  But, by AD 1600, Johannes Kepler, then later Newton, helped lead Europe out of philosophical and theological chaos.  In 1608, Nicholas Byfield realised that Jesus was not returning to Earth until the Jews had accepted Him and were in control of their ancient homeland in Israel.  Byfield realised the Crusades were a wasted endeavour. 

But between 1618 and 1648, Europe fell into a civil war much like the one currently dividing modern Islam and destroying its societies.  The casues of this 'Thirty Years War' were quite similar to the current dilemmas modern Islam faces.    Much of the fighting in Europe then, and in Muslim countries now, was about how we govern society.  In Europe's 17th Century situation, in the wake of the failure of Christendom.  In modern Islam's situation because of an expectation amongst Shias and others that their messiah is on the way whereas the Sunnis and others, such as some Taliban and Wahaabis, Muslims should be introducing modern-day versions of the Caliphate although they also fight about which version, c.f., in Turkey between Mr Erdogan's version or the Gulanists'.  In Europe of those days, as with Islam now, old power structures had to fall and power-vacuums appeared.  In Europe, or The West, the union of Church and State (Theocracy) between circa AD 100-1600, or certainly since Rome's fall, had not worked.  Many people then correctly thought there should never have been such a system of governance.  God had only mandated 'Theocracy' for Israel between Moses (1500 BC) and Jesus (7 BC to AD 30) and only for governance of the tiny Holy Land of 'Israel'.  It had stretched over a small sliver of territory from Sinai to the Lebanese border and from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.  Even England had a county (Yorkshire) almost as large!  But that small space of land in the Middle East (mid-west for the Chinese and other Asians) eked out of the League of Nations' Mandate of greater Palestine for the tiny modern state of Israel, was enough for God to work out many physical blessings for the Israelite nation in order to witness God's goodness even to fallen mankind who had so insulted Him there in Eden.  But silly old Roman Europe thought it should be theorcratic too.  That is until a bit of sense began to prevail in the wake of Westphalia.

After the Treaty of Westphalia which halted Europe's "Thirty Years (Civil-) War", the sub-continent moved to separate Church from State.  Wrongly, however, it also began to separate Science from Theology which until then had been "The Queen of Sciences".  Others describe this as the separation of Faith from Reason.  Thus Europe lurched from Christendom's false integration of knowledge and the Bible to Secularism.  In that new system, government would henceforth be run on lines of reason, not faith; science (and engineering), not theology.  'Religious' matters, or issues of the Soul and Spirit, would be left to the churches, synagogues, mosques, masonic halls, other temples and perhaps even universities.  Henceforth, Government and tasks like managing infrastructure development, health services, education, defence, policing, regulation etc., would not be affected by theological considerations.  Hindu India, Islamic Asia and Africa, Pagan countries, Shintoist Japan (until the mid 19th Century) did retain a fusion of science and governance with 'religion'.  Confucian China and Buddhist lands maintained their fusions of Philosophy and Governance and Science but Europe by AD 1700 was well on the way to separating or indeed isolating 'religion' from science and governance.  Hence some of the collision courses we are now observing.  What Europe really needed to do was to find the proper fusion of Theology and Science and Governance to replace its improper fission.  But it decided it had enough trouble finding any such way.  So Europe went for for the jugular of near-absolute secularism.  This developed into the Paradigm of Secular Humanist Evolutionist Materialism (S.H.E.M-itism).  The reader may now be aware that the author is anti-S.H.E.M-itic and Pro-Semitic.

Anyway, from the mid 17th Century, with some early official exploratory sea voyages by the likes of Abel Tasman and James Cook, this S.H.E.M-itism began to be exported abroad.  Today, the whole world is dominated by secular government.  That is mostly true, except in Muslim countries;  or perhaps in some odd places like Buddhist Myanamar (Burma);  where the struggles Europe had particularly in the first half of the 17th Century are only just beginning.  The Thirty Years War and Islam's civil wars today are the result of an inappropriate combination of Theology and Science, or a confused fusion of Faith and Reason.

Unfortunately for the Secular Governance Model current events around the world are throwing spanners in the works.  Problems seem to be compounding.  Some unexpected developments are adding to build new and potentially unmanageable crises.  It is those crises we think the Bible warned us of.  Unfortunately, the Bible is now widely disregarded.  Even in churches, ministers only teach the bits that suit them or which fit with mostly narcissistic sentiments complementary with our modern secular environment.  Thus very few people, even in Universities and Bible Colleges, are any longer seriously studying The Bible's History, Prophecy and Theology from correct chronological, cultural (a.k.a., Hebrew Perspective), literal-lingusitic or sometimes cryptic perspectives (c.f., Daniel 12:4 & 9).  Even though the degradation in the genomes of every species is now obvious under their microscopes, the scientists still insist we are evolving toward greater things and the conquest of the universe.  The world is overheating for reasons also only explained by reference to the Bible's record of environmental and geological History.   Israel is emerging to play the central role (as bad kid on the blocj) in world history as predicted by the Bible in the last few years before the Sceond Coming.  That gets super-critical after the true believing Church of the Christ is raptured into Heaven to rescue 'The Body' from the Apocalypse and related events that span perhaps a decade or so before the Messiah's actual return to Ground Zero.

By accessing the material in the associated essays on this blog and in the URL below readers can follow our arguments for a new harmony between the Bible and knowledge.  We use the Bible to explain the data.  The world has been reinterpreting the Bible to fit current fashions in knowledge as Christendom and Islam have been doing.  But we are using the Bible to explain how to fit the current events around us into a sensible Biblical farmework.  With that framework, one can unravel God's Good, Perfect and Acceptable Will or Plan for the World after about six thousand years (or six days) of folly btought on by Adam's rebellion in Eden which is now a vast pool of oil under the ancient realm of Babel, Ur and Babylon now administered by Arabs, Iranians, Emirates, Iraqis, Aramco, etc., etc.    

Summarising the crises since Westphalia

The research papers mentioned above mainly cover problems with paradigms in three main areas or the Three E's and C's:

Firstly in Egyptology and Chronology, the standard view that about 30 dynasties of pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt between circa 2900 BC and the Roman era (circa 50 BC) needs to be replaced.  In our papers we point to about only 7 or 8 real dynasties between circa 2200 and 550 BC actually ruled Egypt.  For long periods there was either chaos verging on anarchy or governance involving minor kings of one sort or another including large-city mayors or priest-kings.  This means, for instance, the 18th and 19th Dynasties ruled Egypt between circa 1000 and 600 BC rather than between circa 1500 and 1100 BC.  It means, for instance, the Bible's "Queen of Shera" actually was Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt and Ethiopia the then united kingdoms of the Nile River.  She was the "Queen of the South" that Jesus of Nazareth referred to.  Hopefully that gives the reader an idea of the scope or magnitude of the problem we are dealing with here.

The Second area lies in that of the modern religion of Environmentalism and Climate Change.  Environmentalism is essentially the religion of the first chapter of the Book of Romans where the created order begins to worship the Creation without any longer believing in and indeed publicly rejecting the Creator.  That is despite considerable scientific evidence of the last two decades supporting the Bible's view of origins.  Specifically, in Environmentalism, we point to the strong likelihood the globe is indeed getting significantly warmer, over and above any long-term cycles in temperature change we may have observed.  But that extra warmth is due to factors involving the alteration of constituents of the Earth's atmosphere since the Noahic Flood recorded in the Bible and dated therein at circa 2500 BC.  Consequently, the environmental equilibrium between the Sun's energy and the atmosphere that operated before the Flood fell into disorder.  Thus, the globe has been importing more energy than it uses and storing the balance in its core.  The Earth has not been radiating enough heat back into space since then.  The extra heat, absorbed in the Earth's core, is causing the kettle to boil deep inside the Earth so that we are now experiencing melting ice caps, more rain, more tornadoes and hurricanes, more volcanos and earthquakes.

Thirdly, NASA and the European Space Agency are both now telling us the early life forms that were supposed to have evolved in the soups of the primal and volcanic early Earth did not evolve there after all.  They were ferried here by comets from other parts of the Universe, even from beyond the event-horizon out there which is the region in Time and Space beyond which we cannot see.  The whole Theory of Evolution is now a mere Idea and not a proper scientific investigation at all!   In the field of genetics, we now know every human is descended from a femal ape who mutated in her mytochondria about 250,000 or 150,000 years ago.  We contend that female was the "Eve" of Genesis in the Bible and she was a Human Woman.  The Creator formed her from Adam's body six thousanbd years ago.  At that time God formatted the entire environment from the minerals and dust or detritus formed after the Earth's descent into disorder and chaos after the fall of the angels who had inhabited the Universe and enjoyed its delights for possibly billions of years before Man's creation.  The Bible teaches that God created the Universe when the angels were already in existence and they were the beings who first delighted in it.  Until some of them followed Satan in his act of rebellion possibly 4.5 billion yesars ago if our readings from radiometrics are accurate.  And we see no reason they should not suggest these datings.

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Middle East Political Upheavals 2011

The updates below are current as at 24 July 2017

Political upheavals in the Middle East have taken yet another dramatic turn.  Some member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council of Arabic nations on the Arabian side of the "Persian Gulf" have placed an embargo on traffic, people movements and goods coming and going out of Qatar.  The latter is a minor peninsula that juts into the Gulf toward Iran with whom the Qataris share a massive field of undersea gas which they transform into Liquid gas for export.  With Oman and Kuwait sitting in the sidelines in de facto neutrality and with Egypt also supporting and joining the blockade, the rest of the world is caught up in a spat between what is in effect a number of Arabic clans when far more important issues need attention.   Reportedly, even the Russians want to steer clear of involvement.  The UN has remained rather quiet.  Only The USA and some European countries (Germany, the UK and France) are trying to calm down the disagreement.

Our main interest here is that the Arab countries of the GCC may be the "Sheba and Dedan" referred to in Ezekiel's prophecy concerning the First Gog-Magog invasion of Israel which the Bible refers to.  The other invasion from the 'region' of  Gog and Magog is a much later event at the end of the Millennium described in the Book of Revelation.   "Tarshish" (we believe represented by Britain, the Americas and other European nations of the North Atlantic) along with "Sheba and Dedan" appear to oppose but not do anything to block the invasion.  Those nations are also greatly distracted by other more pressing internal problems to resolve.

Thus a vacuum of sorts is now emerging.  Into it one could foresee the nations North of Israel, East (Iran) and South i.e., "Cush" which is Inland Africa and "Put" or Africa along the Mediterranean moving in to take the "spoil" that evidently is to be found in Israel.   There is much speculation on the exact or precise identity of this "spoil". 

This week, after a gunfight that saw two Druze Policemen working for the Israeli Government shot dead, Israel had to place metal detectors to increase security at the enrances to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  This is on the "Temple Mount" that once housed Israel's temples in the Biblical era i.e., since circa 950 BC. In AD 70 the Romans destroyed the second of two temples erected on the same platfom that now houses Islam's third most holy site after Mecca and Medina.  So in theory the issue could mushroom given all the religious sensibilities.     Although everyone is distracted by many other world problems, international reaction to this development has been quite muted.  However, there are some who suggest it could blow up into a far more serious international issue.   If Jerusalem or more specifically the 'Holy Mount' is the "spoil" of Ezekiel's prophecy we now have an even more fitting set of circumstances to suggest people might want to watch this prophecy (Ezekiel 38:1 to 39:16) rather more avidly and closely than perhaps hitherto inclined.       

For much more discussion on this and many other world issues in relation to Biblical Prophecy one invites the reader to delve into the writings in the following Domain name/URL:

NB:  For the purpose of this blog, the "Middle East" is defined as stretching from Tunisia to Afghanistan and from Astana in Kazakhstan to the South Sudan.  One might even rope-in Congo Kinshasha into that vast volatile and vexatious group.

Before reading the essays below, a brief explanation of them.   Readres will find them listed across to the right hand side of this Blog-page.  These essays explain why we are re-writing the ancient histories of the vast region we define as 'The Middle East'.  We do this to explain why this region is in such trouble and how events might be actually fulfilling the remaining unfulfilled prophecies  pertaining to Man's History up to the Beginning of the Messianic Kingdom or Millennium refrred to in the Bible.

This blog has four of these 'background' essays for the reader to view.  They are dated "2008 (2), 2009 (1) and  2011 (1)":

(1)  In 2008, I published "Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian History".  That 'essay'  has been updated over the years and is regarded as current (April 2017) by the author until other evidence arises to necessitate edition;

(2)  Also in 2008, I published "Queen Hatshepsut is Queen Sheba".   That 'essay' has also been updated over the years and is regarded as current (April 2017) by the author until other evidence arises to necessitate edition;

(3)  In 2009, four years after completing the 4th edition of the book entitled Memphis, Merneptah and Ramesses And the Winged Disk of Judah an 'essay' summarising tne book is published here.  Written by Don Stewart after decades of research into the issues raised in the two essays of 2008, this book is freely available by accessing the URL:

In 2011, I began publishing an 'essay' via this blog under the heading "Middle East Political Upheavals 2011".  This is a running or continuing commentary on the chaos of the Middle East (as specially defined above) commencing from the so-called "Arab Spring" of 2011.   This is the 'Essay' which Google search engines generally open to unless one specifically searches for the other essays.  Because events are moving quickly, the comments under "Middle East Political Upheavals 2011" are far more frequently edited or updated.  Readers need to note the date at which the essay is updated.  However, for a detailed analysis of what is going on around the world, one needs to access the "Key Event" files also at

The Middle East Crises involving destructive wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and the regional civil wars raging in large countries like Congo Kinshasha,  are now well into their sixth year of operation.  As at 3 A[ril 2017, a comparitive quiet has descended on Syria as Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan attempt to broker peace in Syria.  There has been no success in the Syrian peace talks in Astana Kazakhstan and now a fifth Geneva Round has broken down.  Further afield, friction rages in Afghanistan, Nagorno Karabakh (Armenia-Azerbaijan), Ukraine (heating up again in late February 2017), South Sudan, Central African Republic and Nigeria (Boko Haram).  About 63 million refugees are swarming around these regions.  Many of them are flooding into Europe and any other place they can try to get to such as Australia.

One is now commenting on these and other events related to these disturbing times in "Key Events" which are located in the above URL.

Across the world, Shiite Muslims and other Islamic factions are being stirred up because they believe their Messiah the Mahdi is coming to bring order out of the coming or developing chaos.  "Mahdi" is a play on words for Mohammad and the ancient Egyptian term "Maat" (bringing 'order out of chaos').  However, their ideas about a Mahdi-Messiah essentially derive from Biblical prophecy about the return of Jesus of Nazareth.  He will soon establish the Kingdom of God rejected by Israel's leadership in AD 30.  Now that the Jews are returning to Israel, we are on the way to seeing fulfillment of God's Kingdom Plan offered to the AD 30 Generation of Israel.  Of course this Kingdom also benefits pre-Church Saints and this era's Church of Christ saints.  However, primarily the Kingdom still belongs to Israel when that nation eventually acknowledges the fmistake by its AD 30 generation whose leaders refused to accept Jesus of Nazareth as Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the World from its Sin.  This is a matter of Faith but, from this perspective, one day, Israel will invoke the prayers of Isaiah 53, Zechariah 12 and Hosea 6:1, and other passages, to usher in the return of The Christ.

"Key Events" examines current day issues from these perspectives as well as from others such as the implications emanating from Adam's fatal decision to consume (Hebrew 'acol, 'a all' or '@') from the Tree of Knowledge (Science and Technology).   "Key Events" also uses the results of revised chronology outlined in the three essays written in 2008 (2) and 2009 (1) as noted above.  The events in the countries listed above are almost certainly a pre-amble to the Ezekiel 38:1 to 39:16 prophecy about one of the two Gog-Magog invasions that threaten Israel according to Biblical Prophecy (Ezekiel then Revelation).

In January 2017, in Paris, seventy nations resolved to declare that Jerusalem should be an "International city".   The irony here is that in Biblical times the nations went to Jerusalem to witness each year the slaughter of seventy bulls for the sins of each nation.  In the Millennial Mesianic Kingdom in the probably-near future the nations will once again come to Jerusalem to observe the Festival of Tabernacles (revamped for the Messianic-Millennial Kingdom);  or else they will not get rain that year.

While the nations currently conspire to frustrate God's Plan for the nation of Israel, and befpre it repents of its decision regarding Jesus of Nazareth in AD 30, God is quietly lining many nations up for punishment.  Their Secular, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Confucian, Communist and Buddhist leaders are blissfully unaware of what the One True God plans to do!     On 18 January 2017, Hamas, Fatah and a jihadist organisation resolved in Moscow to re-unite perhaps encouraged by the seventy nations' resolution in Paris on 15 January 2017.  Muslims too are ranged against Israel.  But world developments at present suggest the other groups against Israel are allying to crush, reduce, sanitize and re-educate Islamicists.  Hindus, Bhuddists, Secularists, Roman Catholics etc, et al, have no 'love' for Islam.   As Confucian-Communist China and Eastern Orthodox / Secular- Russia continue to block resolutions in the UN Security Council aimed at censoring Syria's Assad for war crimes and chemical weapon usage, one has to ask if there is not some sort of hidden agenda in there (at the UN) aimed at sanitizing Islam!  Of course, since Westphalia in 1648 the world governance system has been sanitizing genuine Bible-based Christianity.

We await two trumps.

Firstly, President-elect Trump's suggestion that the US Embassy to Israel should be shifted to Jerusalem.  The so-called 'Palestinians' are very unhappy about this.  Perhaps those developments just referred to incite a decision as per "Gog's" plan in Ezekiel chapters 38-9.  The reconstructed history referred to led to a reconstructed map of the world in the days of Ezekiel's prophecy (600 BC).  That new map shows that the alliance of nations that invades Israel in the First Gog-ite invasion corresponds to those currently in turmoil from Morocco to Afghanistan and from the Caucasus to Congo Kinshasha (formerly "Zaire").

The other 'Trump' we await is found in I Corinthians 15:52 and I Thessalonians 4:16.  As part of one's "2017 Imminence Tour" this will be under investigation in talks with folk in London and Melbourne during a tour of those places in May 2017. 

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30 April, 2017

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Memphis, Merneptah and Ramesses And the Winged Disk of Judah

The title of my first book is Memphis, Merneptah and Ramesses And the Winged Disk of Judah. The book is an analysis of William Flinders Petrie's excavation reports of his archaeological diggings at Memphis Egypt between 1908 and 1914.  For a free copy, please download from the following URL/address: 

or email me at  The size is 47.8 MB.  You may get best results by using your browser facility "Save Target as File" because of thr size and complexity of this document.  I had been working on my book about Queen Hatshepsut-Sheba. If we can confirm this woman who ruled Egypt and Ethiopia was the same "Queen of Ophir" (Africa) who came to see Solomon in circa 950 BC, we will effectively dismantle the whole chronology currently used by Egyptologists to explain ancient Egypt's 'political' history. Also affected will be those of the many countries that dealt with Egypt in the Biblical Period. The stakes are high.

However, I stumbled across Petrie's excavation reports and realised he had actually found "Pithom and Ramesses" (Exodus 1:11). The conclusion I came to after studying them was that:
  • Pithom and Ramesses were two capital cities of ancient Egypt on the same site in two different eras (1500 and 600 BC), not two cities in the same era (1500 or 1300 BC) in two different sites.
As my study of these reports progressed, I also realised that Dr Velikovsky's apparently outrageous suggestion that the 19th and 26th dynasties were the same was precisely the problem affecting Professor Petrie's attempts at making sense of the stratigraphy at Memphis. He kept finding Ramesses II and Merneptah (19th dynasty, circa 1250-1200 BC) in the same level that Apries-Hophra (26th dynasty, circa 650-580) was supposed to occupy. Actually, instead of finding material linked to Apries-Hophra much more abundant than Merneptah's era, Petrie found things the other way around. I realised Merneptah's full name or Merneptah Baenre Meriamun Hotephir-maat provides the basis for the Hebrew and Greek "Hophra-Apries". Also, "hotephir-maat" is better written "Ho'ephir-maat". The 't' simply instructs the reader to emphasise both vowels. Of course, many readers will read "hotephir-maat".

These simple observations enabled me to see where ancient and modern historians went wrong. Thinking 'Pithom and Ramesses' (or "Raamses") of Exodus 1:11 indicated a king called "Ramesses" was contemporary with Moses, Egyptologists and historians before them placed Ramesses II and his son Merneptah in the 13th century BC after initially placing them in the 16th. Bible scholars later followed suit and shifted Moses from 1500 BC (at the Exodus) to 1300 to 1200 BC although that range proved difficult to sustain. Even Jewish monitors of the Hebrew calendar seem to have incorporated this 250-year re-adjustment into their age-old calendar (Year 5774 as at July 2014) which explains why it is about 244 years short of Usher's 4004 BC for Adam.

A close look at the Hebrew text of Genesis 47:11, Exodus 1:11, 14:2, Numbers 33:7, Jeremiah 44:1 and 46:14, revealed that later redactions where old scrolls were replaced and updated for changes in geographical and political circumstances, necessitated allowable but very slight amendments for clarity (c.f., Judges 19:10, I Chronicles 11:4). In 600 BC, Pithom became known as Ramesses. When the Carthaginians and Phoenicians had control of the city it became known as Migdol or Israel's nickname for "Tyre" (or Tower/Turret).

However, the verb 'to build' in the text of Exodus 1:11 necessitated the Israelites had to actually build both cities. How could this be possible unless two different sites were envisaged? By recognising they could be the same site but in two different eras and probably under different ruling powers, even foreign powers. The Hebrew language-text allows for this conclusion. The special definite article the scribes used for "the" in 'The Pithom and The Raamses' is the Hebrew eth (aleph, tav). It's technically or grammatically unnecessary or superfluous in this context. A definite article is not really needed in Exodus 1:11 anyway. The normal, more common or regular 'he' (the Hebrew letter for 'h') would suffice if a definite article was desired or thought necessary. This word (eth or the) is composed from the first and last Hebrew alphabetic letters (signs). Actually, in Exodus 4:8, 8:23 and 12:13 the word for sign (properly aleph, vav, tav) is also eth, the vav or 'u' being omitted. This suggests the scribes were also showing Israelites built Pithom (or Pit-mem = Mem-phit = Memphis) in 1500 BC (in the first place), and Raamses-Migdol, in the Phoenician-Carthaginian era, from circa 610 to 586 BC (in the last place). The latter Israelites were the 'renegade folk from Judah' trying to 'escape from Nebuchadnezzar'. Those, at any rate, were the words that Jeremiah, Israel's most unpopular prophet, gave to them.

A very difficult conundrum that has bedevilled scholars seems to be solved by this simple paradigm:

  • "Pithom and Raamses" were two cities on the same site (Memphis-Pithom) built in two different eras by the same ethnic group (Israelites); not two different cities, on two different sites, built in the same era by Israelites.
Budge's apparently discredited dictionary of Egyptian hieroglyphs shows an entry for Heri-Pitomai which he describes as a "suburb of Memphis". Searches for Pithom, under 'P', obviously would miss this entry as seems to have been the case for a century or so.
Furthermore, it seems the last two kings of the 12th dynasty, the titles "Amenemhat" numbers III and IV, were Moses' contemporaries instead of Ramesses II or III. Putatively, "Amenemhat" means "Leader (chosen?) of God (Amun)". Amenemhat is probably a title reflecting the concept "Divine Right of Kings". This is not a mystical term. Belief in the concept led to a civil war in England between 1642-49 and might do so again one day if Parliament does not behave itself and obey the Queen's Law. The Hebrew author probably did not wish to write the capital of this king with Amun in the text, for obviously pious reasons, so he shortened it to Pi (= place of) em-hat or 'Place of the leader'. That is what a capital city is. It is the residence (place) of the King (leader), his Government and Treasury (Miskenot). Only one city can be the true capital. That's why we also need to divide "Pithom and Raamses" as the same place with different names over two (very) different eras not as two different locations in the same era. Thus Pithom is actually:
  • Pi-em-H'at, or, accounting for variations in the way letter-signs were ordered (e.g., left-right, right-left, columns);
  • Pi-Th-em = Pithom.
Similarly for Memphis:
  • Mem-phis (Greek) = Memphit (Semitic) = Phit-mem = Pithom.
H'at from both Egyptian- and Hebrew-semitic has a range of meanings through 'sign' or 'prophet' to 'leader'.

Hatshepsut-Sheba used this term to describe her title as meaning "The Sign of the Sheba of the South". Other kings also used shepses which Petrie defined as the "Ra Shepses" or "Keeper of the Records" which is what kings and queens do.

However, in Hebrew sheb is used to describe a wide range of officials sitting or administering at their desks. In Egyptian (ancient and modern) there is a confusion in hearing 'p' or 'b'. So whether we should read shep or sheb in either Hebrew or ancient Egyptian is a guessing game. Other background information accorded by a correct interpretation of history is needed to interpret these subtle difficulties.

By using the Bible's chronology, many difficult enigmas can be resolved relatively simply. The current chronological mess in modern Egyptology differs little to the banking crises sweeping the world. Modern Egyptology and modern Economics are so-called sciences but they are now virtually worthless in their current states because they either got paradigms wrong or they ignored them if true.

The Winged Disk of Judah

Merneptah, who wrote on the Israel Stele (or Merneptah Stele), "Israel's seed is destroyed; the land razed to the ground", also displayed himself worshipping Ptah with "The Behudet Winged Disk" in the background. "Behudet" is 'Pi-' or 'B-ehudah-t'. The 't' is simply a plural like 's' in English. It means the land or people of Judah-Israel. The reason why Merneptah displayed this disk, a circle with wings stretching out to the left and right, is that the angel of God who destroyed Sennacherib's army in 700 BC apparently chose not to destroy Nebuchadnezzar in 600-586 BC. Instead the Jews had to go running back to Egypt for refuge. This reversed the events of 1500 BC: in Merneptah's opinion at least.

Of course, for that to make sense, Merneptah and Ramesses have to be shifted forward by 600 to 700 years. The "Israel" in Merneptah's statement refers to Jacob-Israel the ancestor of the Israelites (or Judeans) of 586 BC. The "seed" is the descendants of Jacob. They were cut-off or castrated as the Book of Daniel implies (Daniel 1:3, 8, 9, 11 ff). The castration of the Royal family was not quite complete as Merneptah, not unreasonably under the circumstances, surmised. A cadet branch of David through his son Nathan managed to escape the cut and, quite a few generations later, this branch sired a man named Heli who fathered Mary the Mother of Jesus. And that is why this information becomes so critical. This is historical evidence for the claims of the Old (really "First") and New (really "Last")Testaments in the Bible.

What drove the inclusion of this Egyptian symbol ("The Behudet Winged Disk"), in the book's title was the publication in Biblical Archaeological Review (Vol., 28 No., 4), in an article by Robert Deutsch, of a royal seal belonging to King Hezekiah of Judah (700 BC). It had the same object as Merneptah's except it also had six sticks branching out of the central disk to indicate six wings the object had. This was the six-winged angel Isaiah the Prophet reported seeing (e.g., or c.f., Isaiah 6:2).   This is embarrassing because it confirms an angel did destroy Sennacherib's army. There is no enigma to what happened at the end of the history described by the Assyrian (Lachish) frescos displayed at the British Museum.

The problem is embarrassing enough because the Israeli Antiquities Authority is trying to punish Mr Deutsch by convicting him for antiquities fraud. However, the real frauds, it would seem, are the chronologists in the Academy.

If you are interested in discussing this or want to talk to me about the issues, please email me at or phone 00 64 0210 298 9320 (vodafone network, New Zealand).   Also search my files at:

3 April, 2017

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Queen Hatshepsut is Queen Sheba

The following is a quasi-simultaneous equation proof that Queen Sheba who visited Solomon of Israel in circa 950 BC was Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt's 18th dynasty.

I am now going public with the following claims:

'Hatshepsut' means "The Sign of the Sheba of the South";

The temple she built at Deir el-Bahari was constructed to reflect the words of Song of Solomon 2:14, 'You are in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs'; and

The Tanaach's ('Old Testament') Queen Sheba of Ophir (I Kings 9:28 and 10:1) equates with Josephus Flavius' 'Egypt and Ethiopia' and the New Testament's 'Queen of the South'.

This sets the original Velikovsky thesis that 'Sheba is Hatshepsut' into a quasi mathematical framework like three sets of simultaneous equations solving unknown variables that appear in different sets of data.

A crucial development has been the announcement of "Punt merchandise discovered by Kathryn Bard and Rodolfo Fattovich on Egypt's Red Sea coast." Clearly this indicates it had been shipped bound for Lower Egypt from Lebanon or Israel.

A second and rather surprising development from a re-reading of the Hebrew text and grammar is the identification of Ophir (= Africa) as the geographical origin for Queen Sheba as stated in the Biblical record (actual Hebrew text).

These two new developments have pushed this framework into the position of virtual proof that Sheba and Hatshepsut are the same queen.

Egyptologists generally explain that 'Hat-shep-sut', or their preferred 'Hat-sheps-ut', means 'Foremost of Noble Women'. I agree 'Hat' can mean 'foremost' but it also means 'Sign', 'Leader' or 'Prophet'. However, if 'sheps' is translated "a noble", the suffix 'ut' being a determinative for a female plural, it possibly requires one to read what is actually an Egyptian 'sheb' as 'shep'. Quite often this is an issue because Egyptians then and now experience difficulty saying 'p' and tend to pronounce it as 'b'. However, whatever the reading really should be, the hieroglyphic determinative of a seated person strongly suggests that the Biblical word sheb sometimes translated "sit", is a better basis for studying the etymology of "sheb" as in 'Hat-Sheba-Sut' or "shep" as in 'Hat-Shepa-Sut'. It's also a better basis than a reading sepa (soper, scribe) which was our initial premise. As it happens, our initial premise can still be supported by Petrie’s discovery, a century ago, of the Office of the Records Keeper, the ‘Ra Shepses’. In the 'Ra Shepses', Petrie also reads 'p' rather than 'b'.

Whichever way we look at the etymology of shepa, seba, shepa or sepa administrators are normally seated (root word s-b) at a desk issuing or writing (root word s-p) orders, laws, decrees and other administrative communications. However, if the root word sheb was indicated by the ancient Egyptian scribe then the meaning 'noble woman' (presumably sheps) becomes even more dubious. It now seems far better to acknowledge this woman was the queen who administered (as in sheb) Egypt and Ethiopia.

Egypt and Ethiopia (including Sudan), constituting the ancient civilisation of Africa (Ophir, Auphirah), are 'South' of Israel of course. Hence the meaning 'Sut' as in Sut-en-bat (South and North) of ancient Egypt (Suten = Sudan). Thus a Sheba was one who ruled or oversaw a dominion, city, empire or group of soldiers (e.g., King David's Yo-Sheba-dech, II Samuel 23:8). Therefore, 'Hat-sheb-sut' means 'The Sign of the Queen (Law-maker) of the South' (variables; sign, queen, south).

Hatshepsut-Sheba was so awestruck by Solomon's temple that she ordered the construction of a copy specially located in a site (Deir el-Bahari, near Thebes) to reflect the words in Song of Solomon 2:14 (variables; clefts in the rock, secret tunnels, stairs).

Josephus Flavius, Gospels of Matthew/Luke and I Kings 9:28 to I Kings 10:1, all refer to the same geographical location (variables; Egypt/Ethiopia, The South, Auphirah-Ophir=Africa=Egypt/Ethiopia).

Finally, the Ethiopians named their Queen Sheba as 'Makara'. Hatshepsut's alternative name is Maat-Kare (pronounced Makare). In the Bible, “Shammah .. the Hararite" (2 Samuel 23:11) is Shammah the Harodite in 2 Samuel 23:25 and Hadar son of Ishmael in Genesis 25:15 is Hadad in I Chronicles 1:30. There are several other Biblical examples of this mistake showing that corresponding transcription errors confusing similar letters like resh and daleth in Hebrew and Phoenician occurred when the Ethiopians transcribed Hatshepsut's other hieroglyphic title i.e., 'Maatkare' or 'Makare' from Egyptian into the Ethiopian 'Makeda'.

The null hypothesis is that if we can find the body or mummy of Hatshepsut, then she cannot be Queen Sheba because this woman became a saint when she stopped believing her pagan Egyptian gods in favour of Jehovah of Israel. It is accepted that the bodies of saints are not disturbed on the basis of Rest-in-Peace. If Hatshepsut is not Sheba, then someone in Antiquity wanted to make it look as though she was. That raises even more difficult questions regarding the identity of the queen who built the temple at Deir el-Bahari. The temple was deliberately buried in rubble by Hatshepsut's successors. Only by 1948, ironically the year of Israel's resurrection, was the temple properly cleared and its hieroglyphs evaluated. Queen Sheba (Queen of the South) is identified in the Gospels as rising at the Resurrection and condemning the Jewish Academy which rejected the Messianic claims of Jesus. If we can identify Hatshepsut as Sheba, there are massive implications. That's probably why so much is invested in disguising her actual identity.

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Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian History

My name is Don Stewart.  To access all my research files please go to:

I am a former economist who is currently researching and writing about the reconstruction of ancient Middle Eastern History. There is mounting concern that Egyptologists and Archaeologists, and many 'experts' in other disciplines within The Academy have been knowingly suppressing the truth about chronology. Myself and others believe we can now prove that only a few of the dynasties that are said to have ruled Egypt (and Ethiopia-Sudan-Numibia) actually did. Furthermore, we believe there is now good evidence to show that Egypt's dynasties did not begin until circa 2200 BC.
  • Dynasties I-V (1-5) circa 2200-1950 BC gave way to Dynasties XI and XII (11 and 12) which presumably firstly welcomed the Jewish Patriarch Jacob (XIth, circa 1900 BC) and family (including Joseph who had already arrived there as a slave) then secondly, or later, persecuted them (XIIth, circa 1700-1500 BC). The last two pharaohs of the XIIth Dynasties were Amenemhat III who ruled for about 43 years and Amenemhat IV who presumably was pharaoh when the Red Sea disaster destroyed the Egyptian army.  Israel's Moses had to wait 40 years in the deserts of "Midian" (Medina) as he sat out  the long reign of Amenemhat III.  Three XIth dynasty kings named "Inyotef" or "Inyosef" or "Joseph" attest to the Biblical statement that "Joseph was a father to pharaoh" because the grateful Montuhotep I (first king of the XIth dynasty) named his son and heir after Joseph whose ability to interpret Montuhotep's dreams saved Egypt and many other countries from the effects of a seven-year famine.  Inyotef I and II likewise named their heirs "Joseph".  These two consecutive dynasties fit the requirement for the first to have kings named "Joseph" and for the next or second to have a king who lived for forty years to accommodate Moses' long 40-year vigil as a refugee in the Arabian deserts.  Only the XIth and XII meet these conditions assuming it is agreed they have been placed in the wrong centuries by the orthodox chronology.  No matter what century is given to the XVIII and XIX (18th and 19th) dynasties or dynasties XVII and XX which preceded or followed them, these dynasties simply cannot fit those two conditions.  They have no kings named "Joseph", although Rameses II of dynasty XIX  did rule for about 40 years.  The problem then is that the XIX was succeeded by the XX and Ramesses III with no massive intervening disasters as happened after the XIIth.
  • For 400-450 years [dynasties VII to X (7-10) and XIII to XVI (13-16)] circa 1500-1050 BC, the Hyksos (the Biblical Amalekites) then ransacked and overran the country until Kings Saul (circa 1040-1000) and David of Israel (circa 1000-970), probably assisted by the Ethiopians from the South, defeated Amalek-Hyksos. That defeat led to a friendship between the kingdoms of Egypt united with Ethiopia under the famous XVIII Dynasty (18th), Israel ruled by David and Solomon and the Phoenician city-states led by Hirams I and II of Tyre. Queen Hatshepsut [The Sign (H'at) of the Sheba (Shep) of the South (Sut)] was the Queen Sheba who left Egypt on a state visit to Israel and Phoenicia (Punt) in circa 950 BC.
  • After the demise of the XVIIIth Dynasty under Akhenaten and Tutenkhamen (circa 800 BC) and the demise of the divided kingdom of Israel which had earlier split into the North (Samaria) and South (Judah) in circa 930 BC, the Middle East gradually sank into decadence. A disaster in Iraq (Babylon, Sumer, Shinar, Mesopotamia) involving the failure of the fresh water systems (Euphrates and Tigris) to prevent salts destroying the soils, led to another exodus, this time of the Kurds or Chaldeans (a.k.a. Hittites) from Southern Iraq. The Assyrian city states merged into a powerful force in the wake of this crisis and they settled the refugee Kurd-Chaldeans in their current location (North Iraq, Iran and Turkey).
  • These destabilising forces led to the Chaldeans allying with the Scythians and Medes and destroying Assyria in circa 620 BC. Tyre and North Israel had been subjugated by Assyria. Egypt, prostrate after the demise of the XVIIIth Dynasty, and subject to invasions of Ethiopians or Carthaginians ('Libyans' or 'Phoenicians'), had looked to Assyria for support. The XIX Dynasty under Sety and Ramesses the Great emerged, possibly with Assyrian assistance, to control Egypt from circa 670 to 580 BC after which the foreigners Nebuchadnezzar the Chaldean, the Persians (500 BC), Greeks (300 BC) and Romans took over for good.
  • We submit that Ramesses the Great ruled Egypt from circa 650-610 BC not 1250 BC as is believed under the orthodox chronology. We believe this is proved by the fact that his successor Merneptah Baenre Meriamun Hotephirmaat (The Hophra of Jeremiah 44:30) wrote the famous Israel or Merneptah Stele which said, "Israel's Seed is destroyed; The Land razed to the ground". That statement could only be true of Israel in 610-586 BC when the Chaldeans after three successive invasions finally wiped the place out. Jeremiah's Lamentations is the parallel account to the Merneptah Stele. Merneptah did not write it in 1210 BC but in circa 586 BC if not that very year.
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